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Welcome to Al Khal Trading And Services Co. WLL

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About Us

About Us

our company history

We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves to our diversified activities. The company had commenced its operation in the state of Qatar on and after 19/07/1988 with four distinguished personalities as partners with a capital of 2 million QAR The partners are:

1. Mr. Ahmed Abdulla Al Khal 

2. Mr. Hassen Abdulla Al Khal 

3.  Mr. Abdul Rahman Abdulla Al Khal 

4. Mr. Nasser Abdulla Al Khal 

The motive for the setting up of the company was trading and services. During past years, we were involved in only services. With a policy of diversifying and expanding the company’s activities, we have decided to start trading division actively & aggressively in much organised manner with new staffs. As a result of hard work, dedication and initiative a MEP Contracting division came into existence by the end of the year 2003, which is growing very fast. Seeing the progress, possibility and avenues, as a part of further expansion, Al Khal has created another division known as “AL KHAL ENGINEERING & TECHNICAL SERVICES” for STEEL & ALUMINIUM FABRICATION which is progressing beyond the expectations to enhance our market share.


Why Choose Us


Al Khal Trading and Services, currently performs Electro-Mechanical installations for a number of satisfied clients and maintains all required Tools, Shops, Vehicles, Equipment and Staffing to perform the services in the most efficient and economical way possible. A summary of the supporting organization for performance of these services follows: 

Warehousing is maintained by the Company in a fully operational warehouse in Industrial Area with various items stored for use on clients projects. Materials and supplies are purchased on a continuous basis and warehoused for future use as required. 

Vehicles are currently owned and operated by the Company in support of the ElectroMechanical installation services. Vehicles are assigned on locations as demanded by the work requirements. Vehicles are maintained in top operating condition to support the work. 

Staffs & Workers

We have enough professionally qualified engineers, personnel and skilled supervisor, workers & team of office staff to execute the day-to-day works. Further workforce will be increased accordingly as per the requirement.   


Enough vehicles to cope up with the situation with capable & dedicated drivers are in operation to perform the required day-to-day works. Whenever need arises, this can be increased without limitations.


What We Offer

our awesome features

In general, the company considers that it is well qualified to perform Electro-Mechanical Works based on its experience record of more than five (5) years in this field of endeavor. 

The relatively significant investment which has been made in these supporting facilities and equipments indicates further the Company’s continuing interests in excellence of workmanship and consequent interest in its staff by providing the best possible tools, equipments and accommodations with which to perform and support the clients work requirements. 

Honest, Quality Work At Affordable Prices.